Below are a couple of the most common questions that we get asked. If you have a question please let us know through the contact form:

Do you have WIFI

Yes, and for 2010 we have also added a small WIFI amplifier to improve coverage. The wifi is available in both properties but due to the distances involved it may not function in every room in both properties. Similarly, it is unlikely to offer the speed necessary to watch videos online etc but is perfectly adequate for news, emails, facebook etc.

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately we can't accept dogs of any description, however well behaved they are - this is because there are two holiday rental properties here, and we can't risk a dog in one property disrupting the guests in the other property

Are children accepted in La Glycine?

Usually this is not possible, because there is nowhere appropriate to put an extra bed in the cottage. We are however able to supply a cot so that a baby or toddler can be accommodated.





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